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Adjust "Step 4 - Review and Confirmation" Page

Adjust "Step 4 - Review and Confirmation" Page

Hello everyone,

I hope you are well.

We are using the MassEmail Wizard quite a lot and several users asked me now if the overview on "Step 4 - Review and Confirmation" can be improved.

1. Display specified recipient list

In step 2 "Specify the recipients to include" of the wizard users select xyz (screenshot attached). 

Can this view name appear on the Step 4 screen ?

2. Display read-only template 

In step 3 "Select an email template" the template is defined and can be modified. Can the final version (read only) of it displayed in Step 4 on the bottom or through a "preview" link ? I know you got the "Send Test Email" functionality already. However, user jump back and forth between Step 3 and 4 all the time sending test emails each time they modify something. They end up with a lot of emails in their inbox and sometimes emails are slightly delayed which then causes confusion when 2 or 3 emails arrive at the same time.

It would be good to see the latest version on the "review" screen instead. 

I guess it`s more about additional information to view a full review. As I can`t edit the VF pages I hope you can implement these ideas. If there is any way for me to edit it, then I could just modify it for our org. It`s a fairly simple adjustment.

Any questions let me know!



Hi Christian,

Thanks for the feature request!!! This will be a nice feature which will enhance Massmailer.

I will keep you posted once this will gets implemented.


Mansa Support Team

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