We have had several point releases between the previous versions and the latest version, 4.24

MassMailer 4.24 version has the following new features and the fixes.

  1. Support for Salesforce Lightning 
  2. Bulk Email Verification feature
    • This feature is is enhanced to work for email credits that you purchase ahead of time. You can contact MassMailer team if you are looking to purchase Email Verify Credits.
    • You can do a bulk email verify at the campaign level for all the campaign members or at the mass email wizard level on the MassMailer view selected.
    • You can see the email verify status for each job you submitted whether it is bulk or single verify.
  3. Process Builder: Email Alerts through MassMailer
    • Now you can send email alerts to leads, contacts, person accounts through process builder processes. You can set To, CC, or BCC values.
    • Complete instructions are given at this link.
  4. In this release, we have fixed few of the bugs related to Email Statistics, Campaign Member Status values, and the Unsubscribe feature.
  5. Anyone New to MassMailer can create the MassMailer Login right within the MassMailer Setup Login page.
  6. Existing MassMailer Customers will have to create a SendGrid API key and set it up on the MassMailer Login page on the MassMailer Setup tab. You can find the complete instructions on how to create the SendGrid API key at this link.


  1. You can click on the MassMailer AppExchange Link and click on 'Get It Now' button. If you did not login to AppExchange yet it will show a login screen so that you can enter your Salesforce Admin credentials to login. Now you can click on 'Get It Now' button once again to install the latest version.
  2. Please make sure that you install for all the users. 
  3. A dialog will prompt for permission to approve third-party settings. Select Yes, grant access to these third-party web sites, then click Continue.

  4. If your current MassMailer version is less than 4.23, then you will have to make sure that you follow the MassMailer setup steps once again completely to make sure everything is in place, as we have introduced few custom objects, fields, and some scripts related to email verification feature that get executed when you follow the MassMailer Setup Steps on the MassMailer Setup screen. If your current version is 4.23 then you just have to upgrade the package and you are good to go.
  5. If you do not have the SendGrid API Key you need to make sure that you get create one by following the instructions at this link. Please make sure you store this API Key in a secure place since you will need this in the future.

  6. Here are the complete instructions for MassMailer Setup. Please make sure you go through them once again and setup anything missing.

  7. If you need any support with the upgrade, please log a ticket on our support portal and grant the login access to your Salesforce instance for a week minimum so that we can put you in the queue.