Before you go through the current version release notes, you can find all the previous versions release notes here.

MassMailer 4.39 version has the following bug fixes, features, and other improvements.

    New Features

  1. 'Advanced Email Template Editor' feature to design and create email templates right within Salesforce. You can invoke the advanced editor from a new tab called, 'MassMailer Template Builder'.
  2. 'Advanced Email Template Editor' can be invoked in Email Wizard, Campaign, One-Off, Opportunity Mass Email features.
  3. Enhanced the 'Unschedule MassMailer Email' button on the Campaign details page and on the MassMailer Email Statistics details page to abort mass email that is being processed right now.
  4. Enhanced the 'Unschedule MassMailer Email' button on the Campaign details page to throw an error if user clicks on that button but the mass email is not scheduled yet.
  5. ‘Suppress Duplicate Emails in Campaign’ feature to suppress any duplicate emails while sending mass emails via the campaign object. In order to activate this feature, one should go to MassMailer Setup -> Email Settings -> Enable 'Suppress Duplicate Emails in Campaign' checkbox.
  6. 'Remove Duplicate Campaign Members' button added on the campaign details page to delete any duplicate campaign members in the respective campaign.
  7. Opportunity Mass Email: 'To' & 'CC' fields to select multiple contact roles displays 'Selected fields' and 'Available fields' components.
  8. Enable logging to Email Messages object feature when ‘Enable Email Message for Logging Activity’ option is checked in MassMailer Setup -> Tracking Settings.
    • Please make sure you have 'Enhanced Email' feature enabled in your Salesforce Org in order to use this MassMailer feature.
  9. Auto populate the Mass Email Name in the MassMailer Wizard as the selected view name + the current date & time.
  10. Auto populate the Mass Email Name in the Campaign details page as the Salesforce campaign name + the current date & time.
  11. Auto populate the Mass Email Name in the Opportunity Mass Email page as the selected opportunity view name + the current date & time.


Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the error (The Apex job named "Mass Email Statistics Reporting" is already scheduled for execution) with Finish button on the MassMailer Setup page for the existing customers when you click on the Finish button more than once.

  2. In the Step 4 of the Mass Email Wizard display the recipients count as 2000+ when the recipient list is less than 2000. (Please note that earlier we used to display the total count which is causing some issues due to Salesforce limits. We are still looking for the ways to display the actual count without hitting any Salesforce limitations.)
  3. Issue of Email Statistics not getting stored on the 'MassMailer Email Statistics' and the 'Campaign' object when you schedule or send a mass email got fixed.
  4. Issue of BCC Email feature not working in Campaign, and the Email Wizard got fixed.
  5. When you schedule an email via the process builder and if you already have another batch process you are invoking through the process builder it throws the following error which got fixed in this release.
    • Error Occurred: An Apex error occurred: System.AsyncException: Database.executeBatch cannot be called from a batch start, batch execute, or future method.
  6. 'Async Apex Limit Exceeded error' while retrieving the email statistics got fixed. This typically happens if the email volume is huge.
  7. Schedule Email feature does not work in the Wizard for Contacts when you don’t use any existing template but just type in the email. This issue got fixed now.


 Other Improvements

  1. Rename ‘Mass Mailer Log’ tab name to ‘MassMailer Logs’.
  2. Remove 'MassMailer Data' tab as this is not being used.
  3. Email Verifier feature to be supported for sandbox and the development orgs as well.
  4. Send a confirmation email once the campaign gets executed like the way we do it in the mass email wizard.
  5. Ability to turn on and off the ‘Ad’ being displayed on the opportunity mass email confirmation page by changing the 'Ad settings' in the custom settings.
  6. Remove 'Scheduled Hours, Scheduled Time, Scheduled Date' fields from the page layout of MassMailer Email Statistics detail page layout.
  7. Store 'Company Scheduled Hours, Company Scheduled Time, Company Scheduled Date' fields on the MassMailer Email Statistics object with the actual scheduled date and time information.
  8. Remove some additional break lines on the One Off Email page that are not necessary.
  9. 'MassMailer Do Nothing' Apex invocable class is added that lets you do nothing as an immediate action in the Process Builder.


  1. You can click on the MassMailer AppExchange Link and click on 'Get It Now' button. If you did not login to AppExchange yet it will show a login screen so that you can enter your Salesforce Admin credentials to login. Now you can click on 'Get It Now' button once again to install the latest version.
  2. Please make sure that you install for all the users.
  3. A dialog will prompt for permission to approve third-party settings. Select Yes, grant access to these third-party web sites, then click Continue.

  4. If your current MassMailer version is less than 4.23, then you will have to make sure that you follow the MassMailer setup steps once again completely to make sure everything is in place, as we have introduced few custom objects, fields, and some scripts related to email verification feature that get executed when you follow the MassMailer Setup Steps on the MassMailer Setup screen. 
  5. If your current version is 4.23 or higher then you  have to upgrade the package and on the MassMailer Setup Tab -> Finish page, click on Finish button; then setup object and field level permissions; setup the page layouts with the new buttons we may have added.
  6. If you do not have the SendGrid API Key you need to make sure that you create one by following the instructions at this link. Please make sure you store this API Key in a secure place since you will need this in the future.

  7. Here are the complete instructions for MassMailer Setup. Please make sure you go through them once again and setup anything missing.


If you need any support with the upgrade, please log a ticket on our support portal and grant the login access to your Salesforce instance for a week so that we can put your request in the queue and upgrade.

Known Issues that we are fixing in the upcoming release:

1. You may notice an error message like "This template is not supported in the Advanced Editor" when selecting any template in the basic editor. This issue is fixed and will be released in the upcoming version.

2. You may notice that 'Reset Campaign Member Status to New' may not work in Classic if you don't have "Salesforce my domain" feature not enabled. This issue will be fixed in the upcoming version.

3. Sometimes you may notice that 'Remove Duplicate Campaign Members' button not working due to a javascript error. This issue will be fixed in the upcoming version.