MassMailer 4.48 Release Notes

Before you go through the current version release notes, you can find all the previous versions release notes here.

MassMailer 4.48 version has the following bug fixes, and other improvements.


New Features

  1. MassMailer Email Monitor:
    • Using MassMailer Email Monitor you can do the following
      • Blacklist & Whitelist Monitoring

      • Predictive Deliverability Metrics
      • Content Analysis & Optimization

      • Infrastructure Analysis & Optimization

      • DMARC Compliance Verification

      • Email Client Preview Testing

  2. Send File Attachment using MassMailer API.
  3. Send Drip Emails or Sequence of Emails using Salesforce Campaign and the Salesforce Process Builder.

Bug Fixes

  1. MassMailer Email Wizard:
    • 'Create View' or 'Edit' View links is not working in lightning mode.
    • Preview button is fixed to display the preview of the email in the popup window.
    • Send Test button to send email to the user using the MassMailer API.
  2. Campaign 
    • Email Verify Feature in Campaign: Email verify button on the campaign details page not working for multiple campaign members. This issue is fixed now.
    • MassMailer Clone feature in campaign: MassMailer clone functionality has been enhance to clone all the campaign members with any status except 'unsubscribe', 'invalid', 'hard bounce', 'spam report'.
    • Send Test button to send email to the user using the MassMailer API.
    • Upon 'Schedule Later' navigate the user to the campaign details page.
    • When the user tries to reschedule a campaign, it will automatically delete the previously scheduled campaign provided it did not kick off yet.
  3. Batch Jobs:
    • Developed a nightly job to check if the email statistics job is currently running or not. If not, kick off the statistics job once again.
  4. MassMailer Template Builder
    • Fixed an issue with the template name and the email subject length.


  1. MassMailer Email Wizard:
    • 'Clone View' link to clone the current view.
  2. MassMailer Template Builder
    • Display 'spinning wheel' once user clicks on 'Save to Salesforce' button.

Other Improvements

  1. Replaced the error message, “selected template is not supported in mm Editor” with “Selected template is not supported in the MassMailer Advanced Editor”.
  2. Remove 'Hi' message in the confirmation email sent once the mass email or the campaign has been executed successfully.
  3. Display the user name and forgot user links in the email sent when the user tries to create MassMailer user.

How to upgrade?

  1. You can click on the MassMailer AppExchange Link and click on 'Get It Now' button. If you did not login to AppExchange yet it will show a login screen so that you can enter your Salesforce Admin credentials to login. Now you can click on 'Get It Now' button once again to install the latest version.
  2. Please make sure that you install for all the users.
  3. A dialog will prompt for permission to approve third-party settings. Select Yes, grant access to these third-party web sites, then click Continue.

  4. If your current MassMailer version is LESS than 4.39, then you will have to make sure that you follow the MassMailer setup once again completely to make sure everything is in place, as we have introduced a lot of features in between.
    • If you do not have the SendGrid API Key you need to make sure that you create one by following the instructions at this link. Please make sure you store this API Key in a secure place since you will need this in the future.

    • Here are the complete instructions for MassMailer Setup. Please make sure you go through them once again and setup anything missing.

  5. If your current version is 4.39 or higher then follow the instructions below.
    • Upgrade to the latest package and click on the 'Finish' button on the MassMailer Setup -> Finish page.
    • Navigate to Salesforce Setup -> Sites -> Find the site that you created for MassMailer -> Click on the label value -> Public Access Settings -> Find Standard File Security Section -> Click on View for Campaign Members -> Edit -> Select 'Create' and 'Edit' checkboxes for 'Status Type' -> Save

Are you an existing Advanced Support Package customer?

If you already purchased the MassMailer Advanced Support Package, please log a ticket on our support portal and grant the login access to your Salesforce instance for a week so that we can upgrade and send a confirmation email.

Looking for an on-demand support to upgrade?

We offer support services to upgrade and setup for a one-time cost of $49.99.

If interested, please send an email to