MassMailer Inboxing Service (auto warm-up) will reply to your emails according to the reply-rate that has been set. 

This will result in tons of emails in your inbox, which is annoying if you don't store them elsewhere.

• If you're using Gsuite/Gmail, follow this 5 steps tutorial to set up a folder where auto warm-up emails will directly land into.

• If you're not using Gmail/Gsuite, you can set up a filter (usually located in the settings) with the following rule :

Subject contains: mymailwarm (no spaces, lowercase)

Create a folder where you want to store these auto warm-up emails so they won't show up in your inbox and you're done!

Step 1: Go to Settings


Step 2: Create a new filter
Click on the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab, then create a new filter.


Step 3: Define the criteria
Type: mymailwarm as a subject (no spaces, lowercase). Each email that contains this keyword will go through this filter.


Step 4: Set the rules
Click on Skip the inbox and Apply the label, and choose/create the folder you want.


Step 5: Done!
Once you've created the label, click on Create the filter and you're done. The new label is now displayed on the left sidebar and all auto warm-up upcoming emails will be stored in it!