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Mass Stay-In-Touch Statistic report

Mass Stay-In-Touch Statistic report

Hi Support,

I had a thought regarding what happens after we use mass stay-in-touch. Does the system have any ability to report on statistics of a mass stay-in-touch send? For example, if we use the system to send out messages to 1,000 people in a single send, is there any way the system can report back to us how many of the recipients opened the message, how many noted no changes, and how many updated changes to their information?

Thank you very much for your suggestion. 

Yes - we are in progress of implementing the feature for statistics report for Mass Stay-in-touch module as it is working in Mass Email module.

In the meantime, you can check the related list - Mass Mailer Email Statistics on the Contacts detail page individually. We are maintaining the Activity history here for Mass Stay-in-touch. We will keep you posted once the feature gets implemented. 

Thanks again for your humble support and positive feedback in order to enhance the product. We are looking forward to see more feedback from your side.


Mansa Support Team

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