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Workflow Of Mass Email Wizard

Workflow Of Mass Email Wizard
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Access Flow of MassEmail

  1. Click on Mass Email Wizard Tab.
  2. Select an object i.e. Lead or Contact or User.
  3. User will be directed to the Step 2.
  4. At Step 2, user can create a Custom View,Edit View and Delete View here.
  5. Create a View Name it ::All and save it before going forward.
  6. After this, create any view using filters Criteria.
  7. Create View and then select that view for MassEmail.
  8. Click on Next to go to Step 3.
  9. Choose Template Folder and related template will appear.
  10. Choose Template and also user can add some data or modify template.
  11. Click on Next for the 4th step.
  12. User can change Sender Name and Sender Email and click on the Send Test Email for testing the template.
  13. The test email will be send to the sender email id.
  14. User can Send Now or Schedule for sending MassEmail.
  15. Click on Finish to finish the process of MassEmail.

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