MassMailer 2.39 Release Notes

This release notes belong to the new MassMailer Edition.

MassMailer 2.39 version has the following bug fixes and other improvements.


New Features

  1. Email Alerts
    • Ability to send email alerts to any standard or custom object via the Salesforce Process Builder.
    • Ability to send mass emails to the campaign members from a campaign via the Salesforce Process Builder.
    • Added 'Do Nothing' apex class so that the user can skip an action by using this apex class.
  2. Suppression List Feature
    • Added a feature to capture the suppression lists such as 'hard bounce', unsubscribe, spam reports.
  3. Purge MassMailer Data
    • Added a feature to purge MassMailer related data so that you can free up the data stored in Salesforce. It is accessible via 'MassMailer Setup -> Tools'
  4. Reports
    • Added MassMailer Reports folder and 4 basic reports
  5. Outreach Wizard
    • Ability to select any field from the current object or from the user object as the sender.
  6. Template Builder
    • Clone the template and the base template feature.

Bug Fixes

  1. MassMailer List View
    • Removed 'Organization' from the drop-down.
    • Fix the 'Close' button to close the page.
  2. Template Builder
    • Base templates were not showing up in the Email templates tab.
    • 'Delete Template' and 'Delete Base Template' features not working.
    • Extra space character issue with the template name is fixed.
  3. High Volume
    • Bugfix for the high volume emails.
  4. Outreaches
    • The outreach record was appending '00:00:00' instead of the actual timestamp.
  5. Campaigns
    • Unable to add the campaign members if the MassMailer List View has more than 50K records.
    • Reset Campaign Member Status button was not working if the volume is more than 50k records.
    • Display the error message if the campaign name length is more than 80 characters.
    • If the campaign does not have any campaign members don't let the user send emails.
    • If the campaign members are still being added through the massmailer add campaign members job the don't let the user navigate to outreach wizard page through the send via massmailer.
    • 'Send As Owner' sender option fails the mass email in case of the campaign.
  6. Outreach Wizard
    • If the target audience has no record then don't let the user send any emails.
    • BCC Emails not working.
    • Fix the issue with the 'Send Test Email' button.
    • If the user does not click on the 'Save' button on the editor display an error.
  7. MassMailer Setup
    • Unable to edit the email field on the Email Settings page.
    • Save button on the 'Tracking Settings -> Notification URL' not working.
    • Added the necessary permissions for the campaign fields on the massmailer site.
  8. Miscellaneous
    • Unique args to be sent as stings instead of a map.
    • In case the user does not have enough email credits, don't let the user send the emails.
    • Added time stamp to the scheduled mass email job.
  9. Merge Fields
    • If a merge field does not have a value, then replace it with a blank value.
    • Campaign merge fields were not working.


  1. MassMailer Setup:
    • If a "/massmailer" site exists reuse the same.
    • Added the validation for the MassMailer API key on the login page.
  2. Permission Set
    • Added 'MassMailer User Permission Set' that can give all the permissions needed for any MassMailer user.
  3. MassMailer Email Status
    • Added a formula field on the massmailer email status that denotes if the email is a hard bounce or a soft bounce.
  4. Merge Fields
    • Added 'User' and 'Organization' objects in the merge fields drop-down.
    • Added the merge field section in the MassMailer Base Template tab.
  5. Outreach Wizard
    • Display the record count, and the partial recipients list in the 'Review' page.
  6. Campaign
    • Added campaign performance fields such as 'Open rate', 'click rate' etc.
  7. Template Builder
    • Ability to update the template name.

How to upgrade?

  1. Click here to upgrade to the latest version of MassMailer. Follow the instructions and make sure you install it for all the users.
  2. Once the app is installed, please make sure that you navigate to 'MassMailer Setup' tab
    • Click on Finish subtab. 
      • Click on the 'Finish' button.