MassMailer 2.41 Release Notes

This release notes belong to the new MassMailer Edition.

MassMailer 2.41 version has the following bug fixes and other improvements. You can find the previous releases at this link.


New Features

  1. Outreach Wizard
    • Added 'Custom' option in Sender Options step. It will let the user select the 'from name', 'from address', 'reply to' fields either from the 'current object' or from the 'User' object fields.
  2. Outreach
    • Clone feature for MassMailer Outreach Record.
  3. MassMailer List View
    • Added a Preview button on the MassMailer List View record details page.

Bug Fixes

  1. Outreach Wizard
    • Changes in the template in outreach wizard are not taking into effect when the actual email is sent.
    • For some of the List Views, the Target Audience page gives 'No Records found' message.
    • BCC getting checked even if it is not selected in the outreach wizard.
    • Save button on the fist and second pages gives an error.
    • Send Test Email - extra space characters between the comma and the email should be allowed.
    • Global Sender does not pick up the correct one.
    • Base templates not showing up in the outreach wizard
    • Error in the target audience page when we add the parent display fields in the list view.
  2. MassMailer Setup
    • 'Turn off Activity Logging' was not working as expected.
    • Null reference error on the tools page.
  3. Template Builder
    • Added a validation to the duplicate name for the base template.
    • Special characters validation for the template name.
    • Email Template: delete should refresh.
  4. Merge Feature
    • Blank value for any merge field/object name not found or invalid.


  1. Template Builder
    • Refresh the editor when 'none' is selected in the base template and the email template.
    • For some of the List Views, the Target Audience page gives 'No Records found' message.
  2. Email Schedule
    • Improved the performance of the time it takes to send emails.
    • Hourly spot check job to report on the email jobs that did not get executed or got deleted.

How to upgrade?

Here is the video on how to upgrade.

  1. Click here to upgrade to the latest version of MassMailer. Follow the instructions and make sure you install it for all the users.
  2. Once the app is installed, please make sure that you navigate to 'MassMailer Setup' tab
    • Click on the 'Finish' sub-tab. 
      • Click on the 'Finish' button.