MassMailer 2.42 Release Notes

This release notes belong to the new MassMailer Edition.

MassMailer 2.42 version (current patch, 2.42.16) has the following bug fixes and other improvements. You can find the previous releases at this link.


New Features

  1. Outreach Wizard
    • Enhanced the 'Custom' option in the Sender Options step. It will let the user select the 'from name', 'from address', 'reply to' fields either from the Global Sender and also the UI has been made user-friendly.
  2. Suppression List
    • Added a feature through which the user can add any email (from an object) to the suppression list by clicking on the 'New Suppression List' button from the related list on the object.
    • Added a feature through which the user can add a list of emails from MassMailer List View to the suppression list by clicking on the 'Add to Suppression List' button from the MassMailer List View page.
  3. MassMailer List View
  4. Unsubscribe Features
    • Ability to set the non-transactional and transactional email types. 
      • Non-Transactional emails have an 'unsubscribe' link in it with the flexibility to remove it. Opt-outs are honored in this case. A typical example is sales and marketing-related emails.
      • Transactional emails won't have an 'unsubscribe' link in it. Opt-outs are not honored. A typical example is a shipping notification, collection notices, product updates, etc.
  5. Developer API
    • Developed a new web service Developer API.

Bug Fixes

  1. Email Alerts
    • Replaced 'Droped' event with 'Dropped'.
  2. Merge Fields
    • Added the support for the currency field.
  3. Template Builder
    • Template creation issue with the unique name.
  4. MassMailer ListView
    • Fixed the Preview option so that the data is wrapped up.
  5. Outreach Wizard
    • Fixed the issue with BCC.
  6. Subscription Tracking
    • Fixed the issue with the unsubscribe replacement tag.
  7. Campaign
    • Fixed the issue with the 'remove duplicate campaign member'
  8. Query
    • the query is now case insensitive.


  1. File Attachments
    • Increased the total file size for the attachments to 7mb.
  2. Outreach Wizard
    • Added a confirmation dialogue at the final step in the outreach wizard when the user clicks on the 'Finish' button.
    • Added 'Preview' and 'Send Test' buttons in the final step of the Outreach wizard.
    • Added a time duration to the toast messages so that the messages close after a time interval.
    • Added 'search input' option in case of the Common Sender.
    • Increased the reply-to length to 255 characters.
    • Added a feature to suppress the email events logging and also the ability to suppress the Salesforce activity logging.
  3. Campaign
    • Improved the 'add campaign members' feature performance so that the campaign members are added quickly.

How to upgrade?

Here is the video on how to upgrade.

  1. Click here to upgrade to the latest version of MassMailer. Follow the instructions and make sure you install it for all the users.
  2. Once the app is installed, please make sure that you navigate to 'MassMailer Setup' tab
    • Click on the 'Finish' sub-tab. 
      • Click on the 'Finish' button.