MassMailer 2.44 Release Notes

This release notes belong to the new MassMailer Edition.

MassMailer 2.44 version (current patch, 2.44.) has the following bug fixes and other improvements. You can find the previous releases at this link.


New Features

  • Email Verifier
    • verify multiple email fields on the object.
    • verify multiple email fields on the salesforce list view, massmailer list view, campaign members.
    • auto add the invalid emails to the suppression list.
    • capture the verification status at the record level.
  • Sync Email Opt Out with Suppression List
    • ability to sync the email opt-out fields on the lead, contact objects with the massmailer suppression list.
  • View in Browser
    • add a link in the email template that lets the recipient view the email in a browser. 

Bug Fixes

  • Outreach Wizard
    • Delivery Options
      • Fixed the issues with BCC.
      • Added BCC to an Email feature.
      • Added CC to an Email feature.
    • Email Settings
      • Unable to store multiple common senders at the same time.
    • Merge Fields
      • fixed the duplicate column issue in the merge field section.
      • added '>' symbol for the parent object.
    • Sender Options
      • Display custom email fields as well from the user object in the custom sender options.
  • MassMailer List View
    • added a validation if the number of conditions vs the filters.
  • Statistics
    • optimized the stats for high volume.
  • MassMailer Setup
    • added validation for the 'unsubscribe group' field length.
  • Process builder apex class
    • ability to send the 'group id' in the process builder.
  • Others
    • Increased the timeout value for meta API callout execution.
    • google analytics codes are not added if GA is not enabled.
    • URL too long error got fixed for the clicked URL.
    • Send Test not to add the unsubscribe links.
    • 'Visio' file type attachment was giving an error.
    • Send Test fails if the template is not saved in the template builder page.


  • Campaign Management
    • Add Campaign Members
      • Added the support for Campaign Members View.
      • Added the support for Salesforce List Views.
      • Added the instructions on how to add members from a Salesforce Report.
    • Campaign Member Status
      • ability to turn off the campaign member status update. 
      • added an extra custom field to capture the campaign member status.
      • campaign member status update follows a sequence.
  • Outreach Wizard
    • Sender options
      • Rename 'global sender' with 'common sender'.
      • Common Sender List is now sorted by alphabetical order.
      • Moved the 'Unsubscribe Groups' feature to 'Tracking settings'
    • Email Template
      • Template Names and Folder Names are sorted by alphabetical order.
    • Delivery Options
      • Ability to select multiple suppression list views.
      • Added 'Suppress Duplicates' option.
      • added a search input box for 'Select Suppression list view'
  • MassMailer List View
    • added 'Is Blank' operator.
    • added 'serial number' column that denotes each row.
    • added an export results button. 
    • added a 'clone' feature.
    • added 'restrict visibility' feature.

  • Template Builder
    • Added the 'Send Test' button to test the template.
  • MassMailer Setup
    • Ability to set the default settings to BCC.
    • Removed the need to create a public group and sharing settings for MassMailer.
    • Default text for the unsubscribe text settings.
    • Added the email usage alert feature.
  • Email Monitor
    • Added 'Region' vales.
    • The Email body field is rea-only
  • Email Status
    • added IP, and the 'User Agent' in the email status record.
  • Activities
    • added the text body in the activities.
  • Outreach Statistics/Outreach Performance
    • Real-time Statistics
      • added 'Print option'
      • added the 'download results' feature fo each statistic. 
      • added the ''email results' feature fo each statistic. 
      • added the 'add to campaign' feature fo each statistic in case the object is campaign member, lead, or contact.
      • added 'not clicked' 'not opened' 'unique clicked' 'unique opened' to the statistics.
      • now the stats between the realtime and the standard fields are the same.
    • Performance
      • added 'unique open rate', 'unique click rate', 
  • Suppression List Views.
    • ability to select the suppression type such as 'unsubscribe', 'bounce', 'spam report'

How to upgrade?

STEP 1: 

If your current MassMailer version is 2.42.24 or less, then go to STEP 2. If not, you can skip to STEP 4.


Go to the Object Manager then select Test__c object then go to the page layout and remove the ‘visualforce’ page, “mansa_test” from the layout and save it.




Install the patch MassMailer 2.42.24, as it has all the necessary changes for the deleted dependencies.


Click here to upgrade to the latest version of MassMailer. Follow the video instructions and make sure you install it for all the users.

Once the app is installed, please make sure that you navigate to 'MassMailer Setup' tab -> Click on the 'Finish' sub-tab -> Click on the 'Finish' button.