MassMailer 2.45 Release Notes

This release notes belong to the new MassMailer Edition.

MassMailer 2.45 version has the following bug fixes and other improvements. You can find the previous releases at this link.



  • As we are facing issues with SendGrid credit balance and the IP Pools APIs, we have come up with a workaround for now till we get a resolution from SendGrid.
    • Currently, we are not checking if you have any credit balance at the time of submitting emails so please make sure you set up email usage alerts under MassMailer Setup -> Account Settings -> Alerts
    • If you are using an IP Pool, in the outreach wizard -> Deliery options -> IP Pool -> Enter the IP Pool name as you see it in the IP Pools under MassMailer Setup -> Email Settings -> IP Pools.

Bug Fixes

  • Outreach Statistics not getting updated on time.
  • In the case of TEXT based emails, not displaying the HTML option in the text editor.
  • If there is suppression, not logging the activity history.
  • Removed the new line characters in case of a text-based email.
  • Fix the 'Unschedule Job' issues both on the campaign and the outreach.
  • In the Outreach Wizard display only the 'TEXT', or the 'CUSTOM' type email templates.
  • In the case of a Date Time field, don't expect the user to enter the time value in the filters in the MassMailer List View feature.
  • Fixed the issues with Date, DateTime fields in the Filters section of the MassMialer List View.
  • Fixed the issues with Auto-sync Email Opt-Out feature.
  • Fixed the issues with the Clone feature.
  • Fixed the issues with the Email Verify batch.
  • Fixed the 'Modify All' permission issue for the non-Salesforce admin users.
  • In case there is an issue with the scheduled emails, reschedule the email jobs after some time.
  • Fixed the issue with the email jobs failing in case of high volume suppression list records.


  • Added a tooltip that displays the Salesforce Record Id for the email template created using the MassMailer Template Builder.
  • Ability to enable/disable the Campaign Status / Email Verification Status emails.
  • In the merge field picker, displaying the field Label name instead of the API name.
  • Enable the subscription tracking automatically for a new MassMailer user.
  • Enable 'Log Activities using Salesforce Email Message' by default.
  • Autosave the email template when the user clicks on the Next button in the outreach wizard -> Email Template section.
  • Store the actual date and time the outreach is submitted and completed.
  • Added '1 Month' and '3 Months' options to get the Email Statistics.
  • Ability to select a different frequency to fetch the statistics. The default is 15 mins.
  • Ability to enter the from name, from email while sending a test email from the MassMailer Template Builder.
  • In the case of Campaign, display the Lead and Contact email fields in the CC section of the outreach wizard.
  • Auto suppress the converted leads in MassMailer List Views.
  • Auto-create the MassMailer User Permission Additional permission set that can be assigned to the MassMailer users.

How to upgrade?


IN CASE YOU ARE GETTING THE FOLLOWING ERROR during the upgrade then go to STEP 2.

STEP 1: 

You can upgrade by clicking this link and follow the video instructions. Please make sure you INSTALL FOR ALL THE USERS.



Once the app is installed, please make sure that you navigate to 'MassMailer Setup' tab -> Click on the 'Finish' sub-tab -> Click on the 'Finish' button.


Go to the Object Manager then select Test__c object then go to the page layout and remove the ‘visualforce’ page, “mansa_test” from the layout and save it.




Install the patch MassMailer 2.42.24 by clicking on the link below as it has all the necessary changes for the deleted dependencies.

Once the 2.42.24 patch upgrade is done, go to STEP 1 to install the latest package.