MassMailer 2.46 version has the following new features, bug fixes, and other improvements. You can find the previous releases at this link.


New Features

  • Ability to send emails to a related object (parent, child objects. For example, you can send emails to Opportunity Contact Roles from Opportunities;  send emails from an Account object to the related Contacts; send emails to Case Contact Roles from Cases; same with any custom objects too.
  • Ability to capture the 'Reply' email event.
  • Ability to 'Follow up' from a MassMailer Email Status record.
  • Ability to Preview the template from the MassMailer Outreach object.
  • Ability to send emails from MassMailer List View record directly.
  • Ability to define multiple Email Preference Centers.
  • Ability to test the email deliverability in the outreach wizard.
  • Ability to link the Email Status record with any other object as long it is related to the target object.
  • Ability to send dynamic file attachments.
  • Upon lead conversion as a contact, move the MassMailer related data from lead to the contact object.
  • Added 'Advanced Purge' feature under MassMailer Setup -> Tools that helps you create multiple jobs to delete the MassMailer related data.
  • Enhancements to the Developer APIs and the Process Builder based on the new Related object emailing feature.
  • Ability to link the email status events to any related object in the process builder.
  • support of the API names for the Template, ListViews, and the Unsubscribe Groups in the Process Builder.
  • Support for A/B testing for a different email template but not just a subject.
  • Support Salesforce List View and MassMailer List View in the Process Builder.
  • Support relative Date field values such as TODAY, TOMORROW for the Date fields in the MassMailer ListView.
  • Added 'Less Than Or Equal To', 'Greater Than Or Equal To' data filter conditions in the MassMailer ListView.
  • Ability to add the users from the MassMailer Setup screen.
  • Support of MassMailer Admin User, MassMailer Full Access User, MassMailer Read-Only user.
  • A lightning component to display the MassMailer Email status records on any object that is supported in MassMailer.
  • Support of the Refresh Text option for the Text version of a MassMailer Advanced Template.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the formula field for the unique open rate, unique click rate on the MassMailer Outreach object.
  • Fixed the issues with the Date and Date-Time, Currency fields as the merge fields.
  • Fixed the issue with Download the MassMailer ListView Preview results.
  • Fixed various javascript UI related issues.
  • Fixed the issue related to more than 50k+ rows in the outreach real-time statistics.
  • Fix related to the 406 errors from SendGrid.
  • In the case of the sender being the record owner, SendTest not working.
  • Fixed the issues with 'Add to Campaign', 'Email Report' features in the Outreach.


  • Ability to select the 'Email verify' batch size for processing.
  • Added validation to select an IP pool if one exists.
  • Added validation for the from email, reply-to in the Outreach wizard -> sender options.
  • Email Credits Usage updated on a daily basis.
  • Storing the Tracking Settings locally in Salesforce.
  • Outreach -> Target Audience page -> Select Object is in the sorted order.
  • Label changes on the Outreach -> Target Audience page.
  • Added more Permission Sets, 'MassMailer Non-User', 'MassMailer - Admin'.
  • Ability to enable/disable the transactional and non-tractional email feature.
  • Added 'Save' button in the Outreach Wizard -> Review page.
  • the common sender can have the same 'from' email address.
  • removed the limit of 40 characters for the cc/bcc.
  • Rename the 'Set Member Status' campaign button to 'Set as a MassMailer Campaign'
  • Turn off unsubscribe/group unsubscribe options in the Send Test feature.
  • Outreach batch jobs are created as a related list to the MassMailer outreach object.
  • display the suppression list view in sorted order.
  • Email verify batch size reduced to 20 to avoid any API callout errors and also provided flexibility to reduce this further anywhere between 1 to 20 just in case if the client is facing any callout API related issues or heap size error.
  • Support of the INTEGER type fields in the MassMailer List View filters.

How to upgrade?

STEP 1: 


- We recommend doing the upgrade in the SANDBOX first and then do it in the PRODUCTION. If you don't have a Sandbox plan, please send an email to to purchase a MassMailer Sandbox plan for $29.99 per month.

- If you want MassMailer support to perform the upgrade for you, it only costs $99.99 one-time. Please send an email to if interested.

- You can upgrade by clicking this link and follow the video instructions. Please make sure you INSTALL FOR ALL THE USERS.



Once the app is installed, please make sure that you navigate to the 'MassMailer Setup' tab -> Click on the 'Finish' sub-tab -> Click on the 'Finish' button.


Navigate to the 'MassMailer Setup' tab-> Click on the 'Users' sub-tab -> Based on the licenses you have purchased from MassMailer, please make sure that you assign the respective MassMailer License Type to your users.

  - Full Access (MassMailer Admin - only a Salesforce Admin can be a MassMailer Admin user)

  - Full Access ( NOT a MassMailer Admin, any Salesforce user can have full access)

  - Read-Only Access (any Salesforce user can have full access)

Click on the ‘Save’ button.

This should complete the upgrade process. Please make sure you test your use case scenarios after the upgrade.