MassMailer 2.47 version has the following new features. You can find the previous releases at this link.


New Features

  • Ability to set the campaign member status values by default at the time of creating a new Salesforce campaign.
  • Ability to set the default email field from a related object at the time of enabling an object in MassMailer.
  • Editor settings such as the default merge syntax option, default merge object selection.
  • Disable or enable the outreach wizard sections.
  • Ability to assign the necessary permissions to the non-massmailer users.
  • Capture the reply event using the Inbound parse feature.
  • Quick Send via MassMailer option using which the user can send emails just in one page, unlike the full-blown outreach wizard which is a navigational process.
  • Ability to filter the selected records in the Outreach Wizard when you select a Salesforce List View to send emails.
  • Ability to exclude the selected records in the Outreach Wizard when you select a Salesforce List View to send emails.
  • Support for the Salesforce community portal.
  • Added the 'Preview Template' button on the Campaign details page.
  • Ability to apply the filters on the child object when the user is coming from a Salesforce List View.
  • A/B testing report.


  • Ability to change the selected picklist or multi-picklist values in the MassMailer List View filters.
  • Support of the Lightning Templates and the folders in MassMailer.
  • Not storing the SendGrid password in Salesforce.
  • Added 'Get Statistics from SendGrid' field on the MassMailer Outreach object. When this checkbox is selected, the statistics are retrieved directly from SendGrid.
  • Renamed 'Finish' button to 'Launch' in the MassMailer Outreach Wizard -> Review & Submit page.
  • File-based email verification if the volume is more than 1000.
  • Ability to preview the dynamic file attachments based on filter criteria.
  • Support of the follow-up feature for the processed event.
  • Using the file attachment to store the advanced email template object content to support large email templates.
  • Ability to sort the real-time stats by some of the fields such as the created date, company name etc.
  • Added new permission set for the read-only users.


  • Not to update the event notification URL in case of a sandbox or a developer org.
  • Fix the issue with the custom sender options in case of the Campaign.

How to upgrade?

STEP 1: 


- If you want MassMailer support to perform the upgrade for you, it only costs $99.99 one-time. Please send an email to if interested.

- You can upgrade by clicking on the following link. Please make sure you INSTALL FOR ALL THE USERS.


Once the app is installed, please make sure that you navigate to the 'MassMailer Setup' tab -> Click on the 'Finish' sub-tab -> Click on the 'Finish' button.

This should complete the upgrade process. Please make sure you test your use case scenarios after the upgrade.