Navigate to Salesforce Setup and search All Sites, and click on the “New” button.

You will navigate to a community page after clicking on the “New” button, where you can select any of the UI for your portal. There should be some header like Customer service and Partner portal.

Then click on the “Get Started” button.

Fill in the required fields and click on the “Create” button.

You will be navigated to the following page. On this page, select “Builder

After selecting 'Builder', you will be navigated to a page like the following.

Double click on the header, It will show a navigation menu where you can display the options you wanted.

Click on “Edit Default Navigation

Click on “Add Menu Item”, and fill the Name field as “MassMailer List View”, and Select “Salesforce Object”, then select “MassMailer List View”

Repeat this process for the following.

   1.MassMailer Outreach

   2.MassMailer Email Status

   3.MassMailer Verify Status

   4.MassMailer Suppression List 

   5.MassMailer Verification job

   6.MassMailer Unsubscribe Group


On the top, Click on “Record List”, then click on “New Page”.

Select “Standard page”, then Select any UI.

Fill the field Name as “MassMailer Outreach Wizard”, and click on “Create”.

Drag and Drop the Visualforce page.

Select the “OutreachWizardPage” Visualforce page, from the drop-down

Click again on “Edit default Navigation”, and fill the field Name as “MassMailer Outreach Wizard”. Select Type as “Site Page

Select the “MassMailer Outreach Wizard” page which we earlier created.

Now you can create some other pages for

 1. MassMailer Email Monitor

     Selected Visualforce page: MassMailer Email Deliverability

 2. MassMailer setup

     Select Visualforce Page: MassMailerSetUp

You can use these pages to create navigation. Click on “Edit Navigation” to create navigation.