MassMailer 2.47.131 version has the following new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. The upgrade is done automatically to all the clients on May-12-22 who are already on the 2.47 version.


New Features

  • Display Main Template and Alternate Template (A/B testing is ON) in the Review Step and in the SendTest feature.
  • Support the merge fields from the Child Object through a Salesforce Visualforce template


  • Migrate any classes referring to Salesforce old API versions 7.0 through 20.0
  • Replied and Not replied in the real-time statistics
  • Reduce the top/bottom space around the buttons in quick send via mm


  • Error while assigning the user licenses when all the licenses are used already.
  • Space is considered a character in Email Template and Test Email Deliverability
  • One should not be able to assign or update the license type to read-only if they don't have enough read-only licenses
  • MassMailer Outreach Wizard- Apex batch getting failed on sending email through Send Test
  • Cancel Button not working on MassMailer Verify page
  • Remove the post-install script.
  • Error when Preview Text and Email Subject, Alternate Email Subject is more than 255 chars
  • New MassMailer Campaign Button issue in the portal
  • Delete the Batch chaining issue
  • MassMailer List View -> MassMailer Verify sub-tab showing an error
  • The issue with the custom object Salesforce list view
  • The suppression list view not working properly
  • Emails not going out for a child object query
  • MassMailer Docs Tab- 'New Document' and 'New Folder' functionality is not working fine in classic mode
  • Email verify throwing heap size error
  • Bot purge issues