MassMailer 2.50 version has the following new features. You can find the previous releases at this link.


New Features

  • CC/BCC feature enhancement
    • Default CC Email
    • CC Email for all or once
    • Default BCC Email
  • Default Logged-In User Sender Fields
    • Ability to select the default logged-in user sender fields such as From Name, From Email, Reply-to Email address
  • Default Common sender option
    • Ability to set the default common-sender option
  • Default Custom sender option
    • Ability to set the default common-sender
  • Ability to assign the license to the MassMailer Guest User
  • Manual Bot Events purge feature
    • Set the events to be purged, the time lapse from the time of the ‘delivered’ event.
  • Automatic Bot Events purge feature
    • Enable or disable the bot event purge feature
    • Enter the Hidden Page URL
    • Detect the bot events with a disposition up to 2 mins from the Delivered event
    • Delete the bot events every 15 mins
  • Additional License Types
    • Editor Only User Access
    • Partner Community User Access
    • Customer Community User Access
  • Usage and Subscription details
    • Ability to view the email volume, email verify credits usage
    • Ability to view the MassMailer version, the number of licenses used, etc
  • Visualforce Template support
    • Using the Visualforce templates one can populate the data from the child records
  • Unsubscribe link in the Test Email
    • Ability to add the unsubscribe link in the test email
  • Enhancement of the Select Template page in the outreach wizard
  • Replied and Not Replied stats
    • Added replied and not replied events in the real-time statistics
  • Dynamic Email Content
    • Turn or off specific rows in an email template based on the merge field values on the target record
  • Single Send Email Component
    • Add a Lightning component on any object details page which makes it simple and easy to send an email to the selected record
  • MassMailer Docs Feature
    • Ability to manage the documents and associate them with any object

How to upgrade?

STEP 1: 

- Your Salesforce Administrator can upgrade by clicking on this link. Please make sure you install it for all the users.


Once the app is installed, please make sure that you navigate to the 'MassMailer Setup' tab -> Click on the 'Finish' sub-tab -> Click on the 'Finish' button.

This should complete the upgrade process. Please make sure you test your use case scenarios after the upgrade.