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Should not edit "ALL" view

Should not edit "ALL" view

Thanks for the request. I would like to appreciate for identifying this feature. We have implemented as per your suggestion.

Thanks for your time. Waiting for some more feature requests from your side. 

While working on Mass Email Wizard of MassMailer, going through selecting the Object(Lead/Contact/User Step 1 of 5), it gives an option to Create View at step 2 of 5 based on the need. Here, "ALL" is the default view created which shows a default view with Name, Company and Email columns for Lead. This Email column is same Email which is been selected at the MassMailer Setup page at Step 3 - Field Information. 

Here, on Step 2 of 5, we can Create a New View or Edit the existing View. But, only those views should be edited which are been created by the user. So, can we remove the permission of editing the default View "ALL" from Step 2 of 5?

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