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Clock should be in 12 Hrs format

Clock should be in 12 Hrs format

Hi Support,

First of all, I would like to add the comments for the App. This is a fantastic app you guys built. I personally like it. It overcomes the hurdle of Salesforce which has limited email sending feature.

While evaluating the app, I came across certain feature that needs to be changed. It will be nice and user friendly to the users.

1. Going on Campaign to schedule the Mass Email via MassMailer. Click on Schedule Via MassMailer

2. Enter all the valid information for Template - Schedule Name, Sender Name, Sender Email, Folder, Template etc.

3. Save the Template Information

4. Click on Schedule Later

5. Select Schedule Date and Schedule Time - Here, Schedule Time is coming in 24 Hour format. I would recommend to make it     12 Hour format with AM/PM. This will be more user friendly.

Also, for sending Mass Email to Lead/Contact/User - 

1. Click on Mass Email Wizard 

2. Select Object(Lead/Contact/User) - Step 1 of 5

3. Select View in Step 2 of 5 - Specify the recipients to include. Click on Next

4. Select an Email Template - Step 3 of 5. Click on Next.

5. Step 4 - Review and Confirm. Select Schedule On for scheduling the Mass Email. Here also, I would recommend 12 Hour format instead of 24 Hour format clock with AM/PM options. This will look nice with the MassMailer app.


Thanks for the comments. We have started working on the enhancement feature of MassMailer app. Will keep you posted with our comments.

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