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Editing Capabilities in Email Templates

Editing Capabilities in Email Templates

Hi Support,

I have been playing with the massmailer app for fews weeks and came across couple of suggestions in addition to the smart features of the app. I have been accessing email templates in order to send the email. But I am unable to edit the fort style in the template. Can we enhance the MassMailer features in order to add the editing capability of the following items:

1. Font Size
2. Font Type

3. Font Color
6. Tables
7. paste as rich text
8. paste as plain text
9. remove a hyperlink
10. horizontal line
11. image resize


Michael Aldea


Thanks Michael for your positive feedback and requesting this feature which will give a value add to the app. We will do the needful and keep you posted. Thanks once again

Thanks & Regards

Mansa Support Team

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