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Use MassMailer Multiple Times for a Single Campaign

Use MassMailer Multiple Times for a Single Campaign

Hi Tracy,

Thank you for your reply. 

We have made changes of 

1) Showing the number of recipients.

2) Preview template after saving SendGrid4Sf record(Template information).

We cannot add the functionality of using multiple SendGrid4Sf record to Campaign as 1 campaign is associated with 1 SendGrid4Sf record only. You need to make changes in template every time you need to send new template.

Once we release our Package for MassMailer we will let you know. 

Thank you for request, Please let us know if you want to request anything else.

Actually, what I was hoping for was to be able to use multiple email templates on the same Campaign. I don't mind changing the Campaign Member statuses (even though I forgot to do so once - an indication of the number of recipients would be nice), but I have no way for the Schedule via MassMailer button to know which SendGrid4Sf record to use. Is it possible in a future release to have the Sendgrid_Mailer Visualforce page (1) show the email body about to be sent and (2) choose which SendGrid4Sf record to send with?

Hi Tracy,


Emails will be sent to only those Campaign members whose status is "New". Otherwise, if Campaign Member status is any other except "New", email will not be sent to that Campaign member. You need not to delete the old campaign members every time. 

Hope we are clear. Please let us know if you are looking anything else.

Thanks & Regards

Mansa Support Team

We'd like to be able to reuse the same campaign for multiple mass mail requests. We are already doing this, but the only way we have found to do this for new SendGrid4Sfs records is to delete old ones so the sendgrid_mailer Visualforce page picks up the record we want to send, then undeleting the old record to keep the history

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