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Deleting MassMailer Email Status Records

Deleting MassMailer Email Status Records
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For deleting records of MassMailer Email Status :

Go to Developer Console --> Write a query for this object i.e

delete[Select id, createddate from sendgrid4sf__SendGrid_Email_Status__c where createddate> LIMIT 9999];

This query will delete records of last 30 days.

Run the above query multiple times, For example :

  1. For deleting 9999 records, run this query 1 times.
  2. For deleting 9999*2 records, run this query 2 times and so on.

It will delete the records from MassMailer Email Status.

-30 = Number of days for which you wants to delete the records.

For writing a query in developer console, follow certain Steps :

  1. Click on your name i.e. on top right corner ( as shown in Screenshot 1 ).
  2. Click on Debug --> then Click on Open Execute Anonymous Window ( as shown in Screenshot 2).
  3. A sub window will appear and write the query in that window and then select the query and click on Executed Highlighted. ( as shown in Screenshot 3 ).

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