The following article explains the process through which you can define a workflow process through Salesforce Process Builder and send an Email Alert using MassMailer to Opportunity Contact Roles, (Also Opportunity Team Members and other related lists) upon Opportunity record Create or Update. 


You can track the email status values such as open, click, bounce, spam, unsubscribe, etc. You can also log the activity history.



  • To use the MassMailer Process Builder Opportunity Email Alert feature, you need to complete the MassMailer Setup & Configuration.

  • The Process Builder sends a separate email to Contact Role/Team Member


1. Navigate to the Workflow Process builder in Salesforce:


Click on the Salesforce 'Setup' from the top right corner and search for 'process builder' from the quick find box in the left side panel.

Click on the Process Builder link from the search results from the above step and click on the 'New' button. This will open a form to enter the workflow process details.



2. Create a new Workflow Process:


Enter the Process Name, Description, The process starts when values as per your needs and click on the 'Save' button.


3. Choose Object and Specify when to start the Workflow Process:


Click on Add Object to choose the Opportunity Object from the list shown. 


Under the 'Start the process' section, select either 'only when a record is created' or 'when a record is created or edited' option and click on the 'Save' button.


4. Add Criteria when to trigger the Workflow Process:


Click on 'Add Criteria' and enter 'Criteria Name', select 'Criteria for Existing Actions', fill the 'Set Conditions' section and then add the conditions logic as per the example shown in the following picture. Once all the information is entered click 'Save' to save the criteria.

5. Select and Define Action to trigger the Email Alert:


Click on 'Add Action' and do the following and click 'Save'.

  • Select the Action Type as 'Apex'

  • Enter Action Name

  • Choose ‘MassMailer - Email via MassMailer’ as the APEX class

  • Set the Apex Variables (* means required )

    • Template API Name*: Name of the email template you wish to use

    • Record Id Field *: Salesforce Record Id of the Opportunity record.

    • From Address: Sender’s email address, must be a valid email address (logged-in user's email is used if this is not specified).

    • From Name: Sender’s name (logged-in user's name is used if this is not specified).

    • Child Email Field*

    • An email message requires an address for the recipient in order to be sent successfully so this is an email field. (ex: Contact.Email, Contact.Email__c)

    • If you are using the Person account then the Child Email Field should be Contact.Account.PersonEmail

    • Child Relationship Name*: For parent-to-child relationships, the parent object has a name for the child relationship that is unique to the parent, the plural of the child object name. (OpportunityContactRoles)




6. Activate the Workflow Process:


Click on 'Activate' to activate the workflow process just defined and confirm. 


Once the workflow process is defined it will show up in the list of My Processes summary page.





7. Track Email Status on Opportunity Object:

Email status values such as delivered , processed, open, click, spam, unsubscribe, bounce, etc gets captured on the Opportunity object in a related list object called 'MassMailer Email Status'


8. Track Activity History on Contact Object: 



Activity history gets captured on the Contact object.