You can leverage MassMailer to send mass emails to the Opportunity Contact Roles for the opportunities that you like.

Following are the instructions on how to achieve this.

Before using this feature, make sure that you have added the 'Send Via MassMailer' button to the Opportunity Search Layouts by following the instructions given at this link.

1. Create your Opportunity List View



Navigate to 'Opportunities' tab and click on 'New' button. This will take you to Create New View Page for Opportunities. You can enter the View Name, Filter Criteria, Filter Logic, Select the Fields to be displayed and click 'Save' button.


Navigate to App Launcher -> Sales App -> Opportunities Tab

Click on the List Control icon on the Summary Table and select 'New' option.


Enter 'List Name', 'List API Name' (auto populated), select the right option for 'who sees this list view' and click 'Save' button.

Add Filters, Filter Criteria, Filter Logic as per your requirements to create the list view.

2. Invoke Mass Email Feature from the Opportunity Summary Page

Select the respective 'Opportunity List View' from the drop down on the Summary page and click on the 'Email Via MassMailer' button.



3. Enter Opportunity Information, Sender Information, Email Group

Opportunity Information

If you have selected the Opportunity List View in the previous step then it gets populated in the 'Opportunity Information' drop down list. If not, you can always select it or change it at this step.

Sender Information

You have three options for the sender information. You can choose the Logged In user, Global Sender, Organization-Wide-Address

If you have selected the 'Logged In User information', you can always edit the same. Global Sender is defined on MassMailer Setup -> Email Settings page. Organization-Wide-Address is the out of the box feature by Salesforce.

Email Group

If you have created any unsubscribe groups, you will see this section showing up otherwise no. 

You will have an option to choose 'None' or select any unsubscribe group.

4. Select Recipients

Primary Recipient Drop Down

Select the 'Primary Recipient' from the drop down. MassMailer uses the Contact Role  selected in this step to merge the fields in the Email Template.

To Multi Picklist

Select any number of Contact Roles in the 'To' multi picklist option. These Contact Roles would be added as the Additional To's in the email.

CC Multi Picklist

Select any number of Contact Roles in the 'CC' multi picklist option. These Contact Roles would be added as the CCs in the email.

5. Enter Template Information 

You have an option to draft your own email template by entering the subject and the body or select a an email template from the Salesforce Templates that you have created earlier. You can select the Folder, and then you can select the Template from that folder.

It will load the Subject and the Body from the Email template that you have selected. You have an option to modify this template as well.

6. Preview the Email 

You can click on the Preview button to preview the email in a popup window.

7. Delivery Options - Send Now or Schedule 

You have two delivery options, either to Send Now or Schedule for a later time. Click Submit to execute the mass email to Opportunities. You will see a Finish popup with the confirmation.

8. MassMailer Status & Activity History

You will see the MassMailer Email Status records and the Activity History records when you navigate to the respective Opportunity record and the related lists, MassMailer Email Status & Activity History.



9. MassMailer Email Statistics for the Opportunity Mass Email

You can navigate to MassMailer App -> MassMailer Email Statistics Tab to look for the mass email you have submitted in the previous steps. You can click open the statistics record to look for the actual statistics such as opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes etc both in number and the graphical format. You can also open the drill down report of the specific contacts that have open the email etc.



Once you navigate to the record details page, you will see the Email Statistics on the object. 

You would also see a page section that displays the Statistics and a link on the number which will open the drill down report of how many Opens, Clicks, Bounces etc. You can also see a visual diagram for the same.