The following article explains how can you validate your Sender Domain, SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) records, and the Dedicated IP address assigned to you. This test will make sure that your emails are authenticated properly. 

If you are new to these concepts you can learn more about SPF, DKIM in this blog post.

Step 1 - Send a Test Email through MassMailer Email Wizard to your Gmail Account

Send an email using "MassMailer Outreach Wizard" to any of your Gmail accounts or a business email that is hosted by Google (GSuite, Google Apps). Please note that sending it to a Gmail account is a must in this example. Go to Step 2.

Step 2: Validate the Sender Domain

Open the email you have received in Gmail and make sure the signed-by domain is <>. Please note that your domain would be different from what shows in this screenshot. 

Step 3: Validate the DKIM Record

Now click on the three dots section in Gmail and select 'Show Original' and look for DKIM pass to make sure that DKIM is validated.

Step 4: Validate the SPF Record

Now find for 'SPF' in the browser and make sure that SPF also shows PASS.

Step 5: Validate the Dedicated IP Address

Note: If you are on a Shared IP plan, this step is not required.

Now find the dedicated IP address assigned to you by MassMailer in the browser and make sure it appears as shown in the screen below. Please note that YOUR IP Address would be different than what appears in this screenshot.

This test should validate your Sender Domain, SPF, DKIM records, and the Dedicated IP address.