Now you can leverage MassMailer Email Template Builder to create email templates in Salesforce natively. MassMailer Email Template Builder is very advanced with drag and drop, mobile responsive, image, social link features. 

There is no need to design and build email templates outside of Salesforce anymore. You can now design and build your classy and professional looking email templates right within Salesforce and store them to your existing templates folders in Salesforce.

MassMailer Email Template Builder Features:

Following are some of the salient features of MassMailer Email Template Builder.

  • Drag and Drop Editor: 

    • Drag and drop enter rows or individual content elements. Drop images directly from your desktop. Clone and rearrange everything quick.
  • Mobile Responsive:

    • Don't worry about how your email will look: we constantly test in lots of email programs on different devices. It's email design peace of mind.

  • Beautiful Templates:

    • Pick from one of many, professionally designed sample templates provided by MassMailer. It's the fastest way to awesome looking emails.

  • Native to Salesforce:

    • MassMailer Email Template Builder is 100% native to Salesforce which means you can design and store the email templates right within Salesforce natively.

    • You can store the templates in your existing template folders. 

    • You can modify your existing email templates already designed in MassMailer Template Builder.

  • Import Images

    • You can import images from desktop, cloud storage systems, web, and also find the images over the internet that are free.

  • Content Elements
    • You can add content elements such as text box, image, button, divider etc.

  • Social Links

    • You can add social links to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc with an easy drag and drop option.

  • HTML Code

    • You can add your own HTML code blocks.

  • Content Sections 

    • You can add content blocks (Text, Image, Video, Social, HTML, Button, Divider) or sections that have different width and sizes and also with the ability to adjust the sizes. You can drag and drop them to left, right, top, bottom anywhere you wanted in the content editing section.

How to build an Email Template?

Step 1: Navigate to MassMailer Email Template Builder

Navigate to 'MassMailer Template Builder' tab from the 'MassMailer' app in Salesforce

Step 2: Select Folder

Select Folder from the Drop down list as shown in the picture below.

Step 3: Create New Template from a Sample Template OR Build from Scratch

You have 2 options to create a new template. 

Option 1: 

From the 'Select Template' drop down list, select 'Create New Template' option.

 Select a sample temple from the 'Select MassMailer Template' drop down list.

Enter 'Template Name', 'Subject' and start editing the template using the editor features. Click on 'Save' button the top right of the editor to save the work. You can click on 'Save to Salesforce' button at the bottom (not shown in the image) when you are ready to save the template to Salesforce.

Option 2: From the 'Select Template' drop down list select 'Create New Template' option.

Enter the 'Template Name', 'Subject' and then start designing the email template using the editor features. Make sure you click on the 'Save' button on the right hand side on the Editor to save the work to the Editor. Click on the 'Save To Salesforce' button to save the template to the Salesforce Template folder selected earlier.

Step 4: Editing Options - Content, Rows, Settings

Template builder comes with many advanced features to create content elements such as Text, Image, Button, Divider, Social Icons, Video Link, HTML Block.

You can add create rows and sections.

You can change the settings such as Content Area Width, Background color, Content area background color, Default font, Link color.

Step 5: Editor Image Options

Editor has very advanced capabilities to insert the images. You can drag and drop the Image content item type in the editor.

You have an option to insert the image from the Image Library. You can select an existing image that is already in the Image Library by clicking on the 'Browse' button. You can either select an existing image in the Image Library or you can add a new image to the library by three of the options provided,  'Upload', 'Import', 'Search free photos'.

Upload option will open the File Manager so that you can add an image from your local laptop or pc folder.


Import option will open the several ways of importing the image from various image sources such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Search for free photos' option will open a dialogue in which you can search for the images by entering a search term and insert any of the resulted images.

Click 'Insert' button to insert the image into the email template.

Step 6: Why two different buttons?  'Save' and 'Save to Salesforce'

You will notice two different buttons to save. One button is on the top right corner of the editor, 'Save' and the other one is bottom left corner of the editor, 'Save to Salesforce' 

'Save' button will save your work to the Editor Cache and 'Save to Salesforce' will save your work to the Salesforce native template. It is important that you click on 'Save' button first and then click on 'Save to Salesforce' 

Step 7: Edit and existing Template in Salesforce

Please note that, you can only edit the templates that were already created using the MassMailer Email Template Builder.

Select 'Folder' from the drop down list of folders and then select a existing template from the drop down list of templates displayed in the respective folder selected.

The selected template gets loaded into the editor content area. As explained in the previous sections, you have several options to edit the content such as Text, Image, Buttons, Dividers, Social Icons, colors, width etc. Once the changes are done, click 'Save' to save the changes to the Editor Cache and click 'Save to Salesforce' to save the changes to Salesforce.

Step 9: Advanced Editor Option in MassMailer Email Wizard, One-Off Email, Campaign, Opportunity Mass Email 

MassMailer Email Template Builder is available as an advanced editor in the MassMailer Email Wizard, One-Off Email, Campaign, Opportunity Mass Email pages.

MassMailer Email Wizard Page:

Schedule one-off Email Page:

Opportunity Mass Email Page: