Now using MassMailer Email Monitor you can track your email sender reputation, get the detailed analysis of your email content, and learn any issues with the DMARC compliance.                 

Get Your Email Deliverability Score


Wouldn't you like to know how likely an email is to be received? With MassMailer Email Monitor, you can. Our technology analyzes each email to determine its likelihood of being seen.


Analyze and Optimize Your Email Content


Automatically improve your content with a detailed content analysis and optimization suite. Any words that are suspected to indicate a spam email will be highlighted and suggestions made, so you can fine-tune your email for more reliable delivery. 


Identify Authentication and Compliance Issues


Identify any problems with your email infrastructure, including issues with DKIM, DMARC, or SPF authentication, MTA/IP reputation, and DNS validation. You can ensure that your emails aren't going to be rejected due to issues of compliance.


Better Analytics through DMARC Authentication and Reporting


DMARC authentication is used to ensure that emails come from valid senders. Make sure your emails meet DMARC compliance and check DMARC reporting data for any issues with your organization's email sending.


Preview Emails for Issues and Mistakes Before They Go Out


Poorly formatted emails can have an adverse impact on your deliverability and your email reputation. Easily preview your emails to identify any formatting issues before the emails get sent out. 


Monitor Your IP and Domain Reputation


Advanced reputation monitoring services identify whether you may be sending out links to domains that have been blacklisted, thereby making it easier to avoid potentially damaging content. Protect your domain reputation and identify any issues that could potentially hold back the deliverability of your content.


Predict How Your Emails Will Be Received—Before You Send Them


Determine the end result of your emails before you send it. The MassMailer Email Monitor will tell you what the results of your email are likely to be, so you can make modifications as needed. Through this detailed analysis, you'll be able to see exactly how your emails and email content impact how effective your email strategies are.