You can learn more about your email reputation and track the following using MassMailer Email Monitor.

  • Predictive Deliverability Metrics
  • Content Analysis & Optimization
  • Infrastructure Analysis & Optimization
  • DMARC Compliance Verification
  • Email Client Preview Testing
  • Blacklist & Whitelist Monitoring

Following are the instructions on how to Test Email Deliverability using the MassMailer Email Monitor.

Step 1

  • Navigate to MassMailer App in Salesforce and click on 'MassMailer Email Monitor' tab. 
  • Enter the fields: Sender Name, Sender Email, Recipient List Size, Select the template from the folder.
  • Click on 'Test Email Deliverability' button.

Step 2

Check your email to receive the link that displays the deliverability test results. You can also check the results on the UI in Salesforce in the iFrame on the confirmation page. It will take approximately 6-10 minutes to receive the analysis report so it may be worth clicking on the link from your email instead of refreshing the page in Salesforce.

Step 3

Analyze the results. 


This is the summary page that displays your deliverability score, the impact areas if any.


This section displays how good or bad your content is and any recommendations to improve the content to improve your email deliverability.


This section displays if there are any issues with your email infrastructure such as SPF, DKIM, DMARC etc.


This section displays if your email follows the industry wide email compliance or if there are any issues such as the usage of cookies. 


This section displays if your domain, or IP address got blacklisted by any organizations and if so how to contact them to remove the blacklists.


This section displays how your email will render on various email clients on Web, Desktop, Phone. It includes very popular email clients. 

Previews on a few email clients