Shared IP 

(Included in Essential Plan)

Dedicated IP 

(Add-on or available in the Pro Plan)


  • Already warmed-up

  • No other clients shared this IP.

  • Improves Email Deliverability.

  • Your email reputation stays with you.

  • Email Monitor plug-in is bundled.

  • You can monitor the IP reputation and can take action.

  • You can assign multiple IP addresses and select a specific IP pool at runtime to distribute the emails.

  • You can add the Inboxing feature to improve the email deliverability.


  • Shared by may of our clients.

  • Anyone else sending spam emails may affect your deliverability.

  • You CANNOT monitor the domain or the IP reputation.

  • Need IP warm-up for 6-8 weeks. (MassMailer will assign a shared IP during that period).