If you are finding that your IP address is on UCEPROTECT blacklist, please read the following response from the SendGrid team.

SendGrid Team Response on UCEPROTECT

We understand the frustration of finding out that your IP address is on a blocklist through no fault of your own. It is our goal to keep our IPs (shared or dedicated) in the best possible standing with as many mailbox providers and blocklist operators as possible. With that said, IP addresses ending up on blocklists is an inevitable part of sending emails at scale.

Regarding the UCEPROTECT listing you reached out about, our deliverability experts believe, and our research has confirmed, that being listed by UCEPROTECT causes little or no impact on deliverability. None of the major mailbox providers reference UCEPROTECT to make inbox placement or blocking decisions. In fact, less than 0.001% (one-thousandth of one percent) of SendGrid email is sent to domains that use UCEPROTECT as a part of their anti-spam protocols. As such, very few users will ever see any impact from this listing, and the users who do see an impact will see a very small one.

Because of the inevitability of future listings and the unlikelihood of any significant impact on any SendGrid customer, we are not requesting delistings for any of our IP addresses. If conditions change and UCEPROTECT were to change their listing criteria, or if being listed on their blocklist were to start causing a greater impact on our customers, we will adjust this policy. For the time being, rest assured that we are aware of the listings and that we are extremely confident that they will cause little to no impact on the vast majority of our users.