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Sender Name/Email and bcc Setup and Usability for Mass Email

Sender Name/Email and bcc Setup and Usability for Mass Email

1. User Can choose to send Mass Email and use Global Sender name/email defined on setup page or go for logged in user name/email or can go for record owner name/email.

User can choose to send a Bcc Email to the user and can do a Global Bcc to a Email Address.

2. Setup for Global Sender Name ,Sender Email and Global Bcc Email.

User can choose for the Global Sender  info while doing Mass Email from Campaign  button or from Mass Email Wizard  Tab.

The info of global sender and global bcc can be setup from the MassMailer Setup tab under field information.

3. Work Flow for Campaign and Mass Email Wizard.

A: For Campaign

Click on   Button and  then  and user will see the options of Global Sender Information ,Logged in user or Record Owner.

B: For     tab user can choose the sender information on Step 4. Review and Confirm

Can you add another radio option under Sender Options. We have a need to send out emails using a specific name and email address for different campaigns. The only way to do it now is to change the global user to what we want each time we send it out.

Tom if we provide a feature to add more global sender values instead of just one will that solve your problem. Do you think 3 senders in global senders would work for you ?

That would solve it until I needed a 4th, 5th etc. It would just be easier to enter the name, email and reply email to on the campaign.

Sure Tom. Do you want this feature in campaign only or mass email wizard too ?
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