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Check Mass Email Statistics

Check Mass Email Statistics

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Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for the suggestion. We will definitely discuss this internally and update you regarding this.

For now, you can create reports on Leads or Contacts and can can see the total opens, total Clicks etc. You can also download the .CSV file.

For creating the reports on MassMailer Email Status with Lead ( or Contact ), Click on the Link and follow the given points -  

Would it be possible to add a button when looking at the detailed view of statistics? For example, click on 'Total Open' and have a button on the top that allows the user to export the list in an Excel format.

For Mass Email Send Now or Scheduled User can check the Statistics of it by following simple steps.

1. Go to Schedule Mass Email Tab.

2. When user click on Schedule Mass Email all the Mass Email jobs can be seen whether its Scheduled jobs or Send Now jobs.

3. The jobs which have Time and Minutes  equal to Zero (0) are Send Now jobs and other are Scheduled jobs.

4. To check the Mass Email Statistics user have to click on any Record Name i.e Scheduler Mass Email Name .

5. When user click on any Record Name the detailed view is shown which include Scheduler Mass Email Detail and Mass Email Statistics.

6. Statistics include (Total Delivered,Total Unsubscribes,Total Open,Total Click,Total Dropped,Total Spam Reports,Total Bounce ),

7. IF user want to see detailed view user can click on the hyper-linked Numeric Digit.

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