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After installing the MassMailer trial I get Insufficient Privilege and Send doesn't work


I have just installed MassMailer Demo on my Enterprise Edition Salesforce instance.

It seemed to Install OK but I get errors when using (in System Admin account)

1.  Stay in touch, and test emails, work OK so I know the sendgrid interface works.

2.  If I try a One-off email I get Insufficient privilege error for all object types.

3.  If I try a MassEmail wizard it works up to step 4 but with Send Now, when I click Submit it stays on the Step 4 page and no email is sent.  There is no error message.

4.  If I try a MassEmail if I select Schedule in Step 4 and Submit it goes to Step 5 and says it is finished, but no email is sent.

I have probably done something wrong in configuration but I don't know what.  I am in the System Administrator account so I should have full permissions for everything.



I have the same issue!


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