MassMailer adds automatic subscription management links to the bottom of emails. MassMailer will keep track of these unsubscribes and ensure these users don’t get future emails from you.

You can customize the text attached to emails and customize the landing page. The links can be configured in whatever fashion suits your needs.

You have two options to enable the subscription tracking. First option is to enable this in MassMailer itself and another option is to enable this in SendGrid.

Option 1: How to enable Unsubscribe Tracking in MassMailer?

Navigate to "MassMailer Setup" tab -> Click on 'Tracking Settings' -> Click Edit -> Check 'Subscription Tracking' checkbox -> Click 'Save' button

Option 2: How to enable Unsubscribe Tracking in SendGrid?

Log into the login provided to you by MassMailer. Click on Settings -> Tracking in the left side nav bar and expand Subscription Tracking and turn the subscription on and click the tick mark on the right hand side in order to save the changes.

You can edit the HTML, TXT content for the unsubscribe content. You can also let SendGrid create a landing page for you with the HTML code provided by you.

Following are the screenshots that explains the same.

HTML Unsubscribe Content - The information and HTML for your unsubscribe link. In this HTML, you should include the link text you would like displayed in your email within the tag, like so:

<% Unsubscribe Here %>

Text Unsubscribe Content - The information in plain text for your unsubscribe link. You should have the “<% %>” tag in your content, otherwise the user will have no URL for unsubscribing.

SendGrid Landing Page (HTML) - The HTML that will be displayed on the page that your customers will see after clicking unsubscribe, hosted on SendGrid’s server.