Mass Email Wizard - Create MassMailer List Views

Use the Mass Email Wizard tab to build views of Leads, Contacts, or Users for which you can then schedule mass emails.

1. Click the Mass Email Wizard tab.

2. From the drop-down, select the object for which to create a MassMailer view: Lead, Contact, or User.



3. The default view for the object you select is “All.” You can select a view and edit it, or create a new view.



4. When creating and editing views, choose the filters and fields to display just as you would with any Salesforce view.



You can then select a template, build the email, and either send immediately or schedule when you want the delivery to be sent.

See the MassMailer User Guide for more information on scheduling mass emails.

Click Add Filter Logic to access the following screen where you can use AND and OR with parentheses to set up more complex filter relationships for your view: