Spam Reports are triggered when a customer clicks the spam button or puts your email in their spam folder (check the definition below) within their email client such as Yahoo, Outlook or AOL. Spam reports can only be gathered from Internet Service Providers that provide a Feedback loop.

It is important that spam reporter email addresses are permanently removed from your send list even if the customer has previously opted in. Continuing to send to customers that have reported your email as spam can severely affect your deliverability rating.

What is Spam Folder or Bulk Mail Folder

The Bulk Mail Folder is also called the “spam” or “junk” folder, the folder where questionable email is routed.

There are many factors which determine whether or not a message lands in the Bulk Mail Folder. Each receiving mail server will use its own criteria to determine the quality of each message it receives.

MassMailer offers many best practices to help ensure your message lands appropriately in the inbox. Keep your emails out of the Junk folder by learning more about Email Deliverability.