The following instructions are meant for the NEWER EDITION OF MASSMAILER.

Navigate to the 'MassMailer App -> MassMailer Suppression List' tab.

Find the specific email address in the MassMailer Suppression List records and navigate to the same. Click on the 'Delete' button on the details page or 'Delete' link from the Summary page to resubscribe an email in MassMailer.


The following instructions are meant for the OLDER EDITION OF MASSMAILER.

Let us say you have a lead or contact that has unsubscribed from your emails but they have requested you to add them back to your email campaigns. You can follow the instructions below to achieve the same.

Step 1: Uncheck the Email Opt Out field to true from the contact or lead details page and also remove that email from Global Unsubscribes in SendGrid.

Step 2:

Log into SendGrid with the account details that were provided to you.

Navigate to Suppressions -> Global Unsubscribes -> Search for the email id -> Select the checkbox and remove the selected record as shown in the following picture.